Monday, September 21, 2009

A little diddy I found I i liked.

I long to taste adventure like the nature of the sea,
Always moving, always hiding all the creatures from beneath.
Singing silent songs of sadness my heart waits for its chance,
To dance upon the ashes of my burned up little plans.

And I stand alone before the night.
My nakedness is so clear in the glow of the moonlight.
Life is old but so short.
We are young we want more.

I'm drowning, but I don't care,
Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
Who needs air?

I don't need air.

My addiction to danger like the rush of the sea,
Like a wave on the rocks the lessons crash down on me.
I don't need to prove the world to you only to myself.
So step back and look away as I dive into the swell.

I'm drowning, but I don't care,
Because when you got what I got, what I got, what I got
Who needs air?

I have come to the realization that life is more than what I have accomplished.
True success is so selfless so drown in the lyrics of your life
and give up the air that you breathe.
You don't need anything.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I just saw one of those things you always see rolling around in deserted towns...

What do you call them anyway? How is everyone? No one updates on this sucker anymore. You all too good for the family blog? Nah. Facebook just makes it a lot easier to keep up with instant updates from family members so I can understand. Nothing exciting really going on around here anyway, just working working working. I am finishing up my 2nd term of grad school on Sunday. Once again my GPA will be a 4.0 (holds for applause) thanks. I'll be done next october and I have decided to leave Rite Aid and pursue a job in brand management with some consumer commodity company (i.e. P&G, J&J, Unilever, etc) I can probably make a ton more money anyway and I think it is a fitting career path considering my retail background; I can provide a lot of insight I think.

Other than that revelation, things are pretty much the same. My folks were in town a couple weeks back. They helped me shop for curtains because I am retarded when it comes to stuff like that. Oh! I shaved my head so I could look more like my dad and uncle! Bald Hinojosa's unite! Thanks to Billy for hooking me up with a good smooth shave! Well I think I am going to relax and catch up on some season premiers I have recorded.

All my love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Freakin Day!

Today I had nursing orientation. I have literally been freaking out about this for the last week, but now that it's over I feel good about things to come. I will be doing my clinicals in the oncology/surgery unit. I think it's God's way of saying I have to deal with cancer, so might as well get it out of the way first. At first i was nervous about seeing the cancer patients and being reminded of the hard times tio Jorge, tio Robert and tio Jr have gone through. But I think that those experiences will help me relate to the families. So I'm ready to meet my patients! I'm finally feeling excited and i know I can do this.

I'm also juggling the sorority and a minor in Spanish, but everything is really coming together. I have set up the sorority's first community service project. It's an adopt a soldier program. (if anyone on here wants to do it, please do! Go to I just received the info on the soldier I have been assigned, he is a sailor and I'm very eager to get started. I'm feeling very positive another everything that's coming up. I hope everything is going well with evryone else too. The only thing that could make things even better is if we hear back from the USMC before sept. 1st.

I love you guys tons and can't wait to see evryone soon!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm mooooooving

If you are a facebook friend of mine you have already seen the pictures of my new place. It was really a spur of the moment thing for me to be honest. I was at work and bitching to a co-worker of mine about how I need my own space and a place with a fenced in backyard for suzie. So I picked up the paper and the one and only listing for houses for rent had everything I was looking for. I called and set up an appointment to check it out...I had drove by beforehand and already knew that it was perfect so I was totally willing to drop $950 right then and there. I met up with the owners and they were very nice and seemed to enjoy me so they said they would rent it out to me for however long I wanted. I agreed to a year since it will be at least a year before I am finished with my masters degree. Today I met up with them and signed the lease, I plan on being partially moved in by the end of this month and will slowly move the rest of my things through the rest of September. I figured I would pay another month here so I could take my time with moving. When I moved out here I only gave myself a weekend to move and it was very stressful and as it is I do not have a lot of free time so being able to move at my leisure is crucial. It is going to set my finances back a little bit, but it is going to be worth it in the long run.
Stressful Times Ahead...............

I've often wondered, if times are more transparent now, or are we just growing older, and more apt not to let loose of the all mighty dollar? This is a question, that has been hounding me now, since my accident, since I make 3 times less than what I used to make......I remember the day's when I was making $5,200.00 dollar's a month, and that was a slow month for me..... But like everything else, we get used to what you have, like the old saying, "Wish in one hand, and s-it in the other, and see which one you get granted"

I know that we could get up and go, whenever we wanted, and now, we plan every outing, as if it were a long trip..... Making sure that we cover all the bases, or at least knock out two bird's, with one stone..... I'm starting to think I'm older than I am, or we are sitting tighter on hard time's, and we need to take a step back, and try to stay afloat, or at least stretch the dollar a little more........I know for the most part, family has stuck together, and if it were not for Armando, and Letti, we would have drowned sometime ago.......

But we need to stick together, and if nothing else, at least lend your ear, and shoulder, so that we have each one of us there for each other........ I especially like that Cristy, Billy, and Robbie get together at least once a month........ Keepin it all in the familia, and it will be better for their children....... If you have access to this "Blog", your invited to the "2010 Familia Get-Together"! I have thrown some dates out there, but we will discuss this more in the next few week's....... It will be held in "Houston, Texas", where men are men, and their wives are in charge..LOL.......

Anyway's, that is all for now, I will keep y'all advised of anything pertaining to the familia get-together.........

Love Y'all,
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life itself, is a Contest

Well that sounds good, and it alway's good to make something out of the time's... Especially when we are all having to count pennies, it is a sign of the time's, and a sign that we are getting older, and wise... I think that I have Susan beat, cause I do the shopping, and as long as Aaron is not with me, I buy more, and spend less..... I've gotten so good, that I'm going to apply at Walmart, because I know it like the back of my hand.....That is nothing to brag about,but when you don't have anything to brag about, then anything issomething..............

Y'all Take Care
E. Cesar Hinojosa

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a Contest

So in "these tough economic times" everyone can stand to save money. But Billy and I are making it a competition, and I am determined to win. I think I have a leg up on the competition because I usually do the bills and find the savings. I think I have a better idea of where we can cut costs. So Billy better watch out, it's on! Today will be our first bout as we go grocery shopping. Billy has given up his popsiciles. I have some coupons, and have planned to split up our shopping trip between rite aid and kroger due to some awesome coupons. I'm hoping we can hover around $75 for groceries this week.

We are still waiting on the Re-enlistment news. As usual. But hopefully we will hear something this week. Billy is doing a good job about staying positive, but it's frusterating not knowing.

This weekend is Robbie's birthday and he's going to spend the weekend with us. We are going to go eat at the kooky canuck, which is yummy. And I'm going to make Robbie a birthday cake (red velvet) and we are going to watch the GI Joe movie. Billy and I have a gift card for the theater, so, bam, still saving money! I hope everyone is having a good week.

I get by with a little help from my friends