Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Freakin Day!

Today I had nursing orientation. I have literally been freaking out about this for the last week, but now that it's over I feel good about things to come. I will be doing my clinicals in the oncology/surgery unit. I think it's God's way of saying I have to deal with cancer, so might as well get it out of the way first. At first i was nervous about seeing the cancer patients and being reminded of the hard times tio Jorge, tio Robert and tio Jr have gone through. But I think that those experiences will help me relate to the families. So I'm ready to meet my patients! I'm finally feeling excited and i know I can do this.

I'm also juggling the sorority and a minor in Spanish, but everything is really coming together. I have set up the sorority's first community service project. It's an adopt a soldier program. (if anyone on here wants to do it, please do! Go to www.soldiersangels.org) I just received the info on the soldier I have been assigned, he is a sailor and I'm very eager to get started. I'm feeling very positive another everything that's coming up. I hope everything is going well with evryone else too. The only thing that could make things even better is if we hear back from the USMC before sept. 1st.

I love you guys tons and can't wait to see evryone soon!

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