Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Re: Family Reunion

Again, I regret not being able to attend this years Reunion, especially b/c its themed as Jorge's Memorial. I know I can speak for myself and my Mom and Dad when saying this, b/c they too are unable to attend due to our collective financial situations and not being allowed time off.

I, too- in agreement with Christy, would love to try to do a reunion every year. Every second yr just seems too far off. I'd like to try and make every opportunity I can to see those of us scattered across the country. Waiting a year kinda sucks, haha. To answer ur Q, Aunt Tisha: Yes, I'd love to try to plan something for next year. I cant really say where I'll be physically, or in developing my life, but spending time with family is a priority to me. It kills me to miss out, honestly. Especially, not getting a shirt :( haha joking..., but really...

I was wondering if, while beginning to make this a mandatory tradition, we couldnt try to name a particular month in which we'd plan the reunion? July/Aug? or a certain week we'd aim for celebrating our family? Just an idea... it'd be ultra structuring it, hahah.. just saying. Kinda like we look forward to our birthday. We pretty much celebrate that entire week of our birth, right? haha... just something that popped into my head.


I hope every has a great time together. I'll look forward to seeing pictures posted on FB.
Safe travels, everyone.

Love <3 Kris

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