Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family Reunion

Family Reunion "2010", will be hosted by the "Down South Gang", so when we get together in Atlanta, we will discuss the up coming event, so that we will have advance notice, as to plan in advance... I do agree that we, as a family unit, need to make plan's to get to know our family, and yes, it is getting bigger... I am not selfish, but we are living on borrowed time with Mom, and Dad, and I'm speaking for them when I say this, THEY WANT US ALL TO GET TOGETHER!

I know that we live on different ends of America, but we need to make an effort to at least get together, and enjoy each other's company, and talk about old time's... We need to set an example to our children, so that they seek out one another, and they can pass that on to their children... Some of us are close to pushing up daisy's, LOL, but seriously, let's all make the extra effort to get together, and we can post, or talk about idea's, so that we all something to do, and make it a fun, and an event to look forward to each year, or every two year's...

Take it in consideration,

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