Monday, July 6, 2009

My Independence Day

I am very glad that Billy and I got to come to ATL this past weekend. We had a lot of fun. All fo the food was very yummy. However I was running around so much I did not get the chance to take any pictures at the Hinojosa party. So, if anyone has any, please tag me in them (even if I'm not in the picture) so that I can put itn in my photo album.

Despite our car trouble, we still made it home ok. Billy and I bought a new battery today, and the cat has been running much better ever since. I hope every one had a good and safe weekend.

I want to try and make it a point to see everyone once a year. Hopefully I can do that. I miss everyone so much and love spending time with all of you. I've also relizrd that I do not have many of your phone numbers. Of you do not thinkbi have yours, please give it to me. I text all the time, so feel free to text me whenever about whatever. My number is: 770-337-3059. Well it's time to get ready for bed.

With a little help from my friends,

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  1. ok, there were a few typos in that. sorry. i usually proof-read before i send since i usually send my blogs from my phone. btw, anyone can do that, if you want to know how please text me!