Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Hello everyone! I'm sitting in the computer lab at school waiting to take my test in about 40 minutes. But I was thinking. Which I do a lot.....especially when I am bored and waiting on things. So here is what wandered into my crazy head. I realize that there are a lot of ppl who are too busy or lacking internet access to log on to the blog everyday. But there is a second option. Anyone with a phone that is capable of texting can setup, through blogger a way to post blogs through text. It is really simple and I actually have it set up on my phone. The only down side is that you can't view what other ppl have written on the blog. But I think it is ideal for ppl who don't have internet access or time to get on the computer; its a way you can still update everyone! So if you are interested in this, please text/call me: 770-337-3059, or email me: and I will help you set it up! I always have my phone with me and usually answer texts and emails immediately or at least within the hour. I hope everyone had a good week back to work and routine.

Still waiting to hear back from the Marine Corps.

Ok, off to take this test....I think I;m going to be the only one taking it. All my friends and everyone in the class is going to count it as their drop test. but apparently i'm such a nerd (according to my friends) i'm going to be the only there to take it.....maybe I'll get an automatic A for my nerdiness!

love love love,

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