Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Inviting Week In The "A" Town

First off, I would like to thank Armondo, Letti, Christy, William (Billy), Joey, Amber, Pat, Bert, And all of you who were able in the partaking of this past weekend! Especially, Armondo, and Letti, who have a "Bed -n- Breakfast" place called, "Sink, or Swim". I want to thank everyone who shared of each other.

Jorge would have been proud, we all got along just fine. I feel bad for those who could not be there, but we all agreed to get together every year. We also agreed to change location's every year, and it does not have to be a "Family Reunion", it should just be a "Family Gathering".

Well I know you are asking, What's the difference?, The difference is, you can gather, and just hang out, talk, drink a beverage of your choice, and plan to visit the town hosting the gathering, and just have fun. A reunion is just so prim, and proper, it's more of a you have to go, and you feel like you are suppose to be there. While a "Gathering", is just layed back, with your choice of thing's to do.

I will be hosting "2010 Gathering", we know that July 4th, is so hard to get off, because of summer plan's, and different job requirement's. So I am asking everyone to plan on June 19th, 2010, so please some sort of feedback now, so that we can work the 2010 Gathering plan's.

Please respond either by e-mail,, or by my cell, (281)914-1968, or home, (281)570-2125. I would like to have this rapped up by the end of August 2009

Love Y'all, Peace
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

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