Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remembering Life As The Future Holds....
This is a part of my future. I can only imagine what lies ahead for my off-spring. I can only hope, and pray that this is something that I can control, or manuver. The youngest of all the grandchildren, but who thinks that he is one of the elders.
I can remember when life was so easy, and care-free. Now life is so dramatic, and filled with peer preasure, one has no choice but to do, or die trying. If this is so, how do we teach our children to get along with that? I am still trying to cope with the everyday bump's and grind's. I do think that we cope, but with pushing our children to perform, but who for? Is it for us, or is it to build their character, and motivation?
It has been said that, one pushes a child to do what they could not. Well, are we not shooting ourself in the foot? We should maybe accept our children for what they are, and what they can accomplish, but we can't!
We say, "I want my children to have what I never had, or did". But the reality is, we want to say, "thats my child", to whoever is watching. So are we setting the standards too high, and pushing our children too hard? Well I guess that not for me to decide, because we all know where our children's breaking point is.
I said all that to say this, "Accept your children for who, and what they can do". Not for what you want them to do, teach them the basic's, respect, and to honor one-self, and never to prejudge, or to be prejiduce! As we know, they will grow up t be just like you guided, and provided for.....
Love Y'all,
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

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