Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day of Pre-session

My friend Jaci had her baby recently (mom, u know Jaci) and it makes me miss working at the OB/Gyn sooo much! I miss the babies and patients. But I know this is what's best for me, I will see the patients again soon (and their babies!). But I will be able to do more for them as a BSN than as a CMA.
I was watching Fox and Friends and saw a story about someone shooting up a recruiting station and killing a soldier on boot leave in Arkansas. I can't explain the feeling of dread I got in my chest. The shooter was from Tennessee. I really thought the recruiting office was safe, and I guess it was just a realization to me that no where is safe. But I remind myself that Billy is a well trained Marine and will stay safe...cuz it's his job! But since the shooter is a recent convert to Islam and just came back from Yemen for a "study trip", I just hope everyone realizes that terrorism is still possible on our soil. That guy was working with others and they had a list of other recruiting offices they wanted to hit. But I'm afraid this incident has not recieved the attention it deserves. Well it's off to take finals....

Love love love

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