Monday, June 1, 2009

Quickly, then off to bed.

Realized after reading up on the latest updates, that I havent posted in awhile. Things were slow then busy the last couple weeks. We're preparing for Regionals and year-end tournys this month. Lots of preparation.

As far as New news:
I recently returned from a short visit back to Lansing for a few family events. My cousin Catalina graduated from High school. I couldn't miss that for the world, since I'm not going to be able to make it to her open house :(... and it was my father's birthday yesterday.

My friend Kate picked me up at the airport bright and early thursday morning and I got to spend the day with my parents. I was so glad to see my puppy too :) I had vb practice with my old college coach. He actually shed a tear when he saw me. I really miss playing for him.

Friday was eventful. Took part in changing brake pads with Joey and Dad. It was fun and messy. I love learning manly stuff like changing brakes, catalytic converters, fuel pumps, ... building cars, building houses... and taking part in helping out. Thats a pretty good description of how we spend quality time, haha. Later, I drove to Nashville... Michgan, that is... for Cat's graduation. I got to spend a lot of time with my Grandpa and Grandma Cain, Cat and my Aunt Candi. Cat and Candi are practically my sisters, if I had any. We're so the same in so many ways and very tight. I love hanging out with them, its always blast.

Saturday, Mom and I went to pick up a few more presents for Dad's bday. I had also bought tickets weeks in advance to go to the Hometown Lugnuts Baseball game. It was Fireworks Night, and to top it off, Lugnuts won... just for Dad. Me, Dad, Mom, and Kate had a ton of fun.

Sunday, Dad and I went to go see Night at the Museum: Smithsonian. Boy, was it funny. We were the loudest in the theater. After, Mom and Joey met up with us to have lunch at Smoky Bones before they drove me back to the airport. Nice, quailty family time. The flight home to CA was alright. Asian lady behind me had a boombox, singing songs out loud. I could hear her over the deafening volume of my iPod, lol...but, I actually got to sleep, it was all good. Devon picked me up, and boy was I relieved to finally see his face.

Needless to say, I'm allergic to Lansing. Around this time I usually have a few sniffles in Michigan, but geez, by the forth day, I was not having it. Luckily my allergy meds kicked in quickly after I got home. So far, I havent been sick or had allergies act up since moving out here. So frankly, that leads me to believe I'm allergic to Lansing, hahaha.

I'm glad to be home and back to business. Had a wonderful time with family, tho it was short lived.

good night. <3

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