Thursday, June 11, 2009

The First Annual Jorges Family Gathering

The month of June has started to get into a count down fase, and the month of July will soon be upon us. We will soon begin to plan, and get anctious in meeting once again, but for a good, but somber gathering.

We will reunite to celebrate the passing of our Dear Brother Jorge Luis, who was also a Son, Friend and a person that thought a great deal about everyone he knew. We will also celebrate the 4th of July, where we all get together to enjoy our freedom.

That is very ironic that we are celebrating our freedom, well Jorge is also free. Free from pain, and free to walk in heaven with our Lord. Jorge lived with a great deal of pain, and torture which alot was not the cancer at all. Jorge left this world very sad, and unsettled with a few thing's that occurred prior to his passing.

Jorge lived a very simple life. He was devoted to his family, friend's and his music, all of which he mastered, and did it very well. I remember when I was a child, we lived on Larch St., and I would go upstair's, and at the top of the stair's to the left was Jorges room. I remember Jorge sitting in front of the record player listening to a guitar lick and try to play it. He would play it over and over again until he got it right, but he would do the same with life in general.

I know that we all will have plenty of joyous memories to share, so I will save the rest of mine.

Love Y'all, See Y'all There....

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