Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June gloom.

As I await the Marine Layer to burn away this morning, for the sun to come out, I'll write a small ditty.

As of now, I'm down to coaching only one team. my 16s finished this past weekend. Finished 1st in our Division... unfortunately we dont get anything for it. It was a blast tho. We didnt know we had gotten first. After we won the second game of play offs, we started warming up for the next game. We stood there for about 20 mins wondering where the other team was. Ref walks up to us and says, "... you just won first. Aren't u going to celebrate by going home now?" Brooke and I just looked at each other, huge smiles, walked over to our team that had just been informed of our championship from a parent, and screamed. We didnt even take any pictures. We grabbed our bags and headed home. By that point, we had been in the gym for 14 hours. Home was the only place I wanted to be. After a long drive home, I winded down by heading over to Devon's and spending the rest of the day with him.

Next weekend is DISNEY LAND!! Well, actually... its 4 days of playing, finished by an exciting day at the park. All of which concludes the entire club season, thus making me cue in my side gigs to make rent, and maybe adding another j-o-b. Luckily there are just enough clinics and camps for me to work, that I wont be scrambling too much.

"Life is hard; its harder if you're stupid." John Wayne

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