Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waiting to go to bed.

Hello dark town...
Yes, I'm sitting in my living room waiting to go to bed. Its 11:15p right now and I cant bring myself to go in my room and prepare for my slumber. hah

This weekend at my 16's tournament one of my players randomly comes up to me before we start to warm up, looks me in the face, smiles, takes my hand and says, "Peace be with u." I smiled back, giggled and replied, "... and also with u." We giggle about our little church joke and she stands next to me. Watching as the match before ours ends, she turns and looks back at me and says, "Kristina, I want u to have this..." She hands me a wooden beaded bracelet with religious catholic paintings lacquered on each block bead. "I have a bunch of these, would u like one?" I accepted, but I was wondering why she would offer this bracelet to me. Looking at each picture on the beads, I ran across on of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
(Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a spiritual person, but not extremely religious. I believe in god, but have never been baptized. I attended "wednesday school" but never regularly attended church. For a portion of my life I went to Cristo Rey with friends on holidays.)
Being mexican, Our Lady is significant to us. Immediately, I was reminded of the glass jewelery box Jorge had bought me that had a gold foil embellishment of Our Lady on it. Then I was reminded of the Our Lady pin he bought me at Beltran's, that I have pinned in my Jimmy in MI. Again, I'm not very religious, but I took pride in Our Lady for some reason. Jorge was a part of that. I realized that I needed to accept the bracelet on behalf of my Uncle. Call it random, call it me making up stuff, but that bracelet is important to me now.

Just thought I'd share that small, coincidental story with everyone.
Ocassionally, when I think long and hard, I can hear Jorge's voice in my ears. Clear as day, as if he were sitting next to me. I hope I never lose the ability to do that. I know he's around here somewhere. :)

Good night, Dark Town.

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