Thursday, May 7, 2009


Good Afternoon Ya'll

Another day at work. Today is day 4, 12 hours shift out of 5. Tomorrow is the last day, then off for 12!!! I love 12 hour shifts. We get a whole bunch of time off without using vacation time. While we are off, oh yeah, forgot to mention that Joe is off the same time as I!!! Anyway, while we are off, we are going to be moving. Although just down the road, I am dreading it! But the house is gorgeous!! It doesn't have the acreage, but it has an in ground kidney shaped pool with a slide and diving board, pool house, "slave quarters". We have not told the kids yet. We want the pool to be a surprise. I can not wait to spend my summers floating in the pool making shapes and images out of the clouds overhead. My grandma and I used to do that every day during the summer. How the imagination works, WOW!!!

Today the ICSO Honor Guard hosted the Law Enforcement Memorial here at the Sheriff's Office with the assistance of East Lansing Police Department. Cesar, I had them run you in LEIN and you have a warrant from the unpaid ticket. Don't come back to town until you get that taken care of...hahaha....Maybe I will just keep this info in my back pocket, might make the arrest myself if my stats are low.....Event went pretty good. It started raining during the closing remarks which was good. When our wool dress blouses get wet we smell like wet dogs. YUCK!!!

Just in the office waiting for 1730 come so I can call and wake Joe up for work. Have to pick up Sophia tonight and then Killian and Tyler come home tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Congrats Christy on your grades!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Looks like I got the time off to go to Colorado and then Atlanta in June/July. Just waiting for Joe's schedule to come out tomorrow to see if he got the time also.


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  1. Yay moving!!! What a nice surprise for the kids. We can't wait to move. Thanks about the grades chica! I bust my butt, it's nice to see it pay off. I hope Joey gets the time off.