Thursday, May 7, 2009

A nice little surprise for you guys

I'm still waiting on Dr. Biggers to post my anatomy grade, but I found out what I got in History and Literature.  So far I have 2 A's.  Hopefully, I can tell you guys that I got 3 A's.  Well I added a game gadget down at the bottom for everyone.  Remember Galaga?  We used to play it up at the Mellow Mushroom all the time.  So enjoy it! I am very excited about next week.  It is not only the only week I have off all summer, but I will also be moving to my new apartment! Mom is going to fly in help, but I hope I can make it fun, not just work.  So Billy and I are going to take her to Rondevouz, a really popular BBQ place here, when she gets into town next Thursday.  Then I do not know, but whatever she wants.  lol =) I will not make her work her too hard since I have pretty much packed everything already. well, I hope everyone is having a good week.

love love love

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