Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue skies are to be appearing,

Well today is one week to the day, that we lost a Brother, Uncle, and not to forget, a Son. What we lost, is Gods gain, because Jorge is in a place that he is not hurting, or suffering... God had said, "I will not let you take on more than you can handle", meaning, that Jorge took the pain, until the Lord said enough is enough...

It is sad, but Jorge is in a better place... His goal was family oriented, though he had no children of his own... Aaron would give Jorge a run for his money, but respected Jorge... Yesterday Aaron came up to me and said, "I'm sad about Uncle Jorge, but he is in Heaven"... For Aaron to say that just melt my heart, and I got choked up... I think Jorge talked with Aaron, and said he was in heaven, how else would he know?, I had not told him that... Aaron is only 4, I know he thinks he is older, but that was special...

I think that my neice, Cristy, should be proud... She started this, and in doing so, she has started an online discussion, a therapy session, and a get your dirty laundry washed and hung to dry session... I'm glad that we can use this in so many way's, both good and bad, depends on who reads it, and how they percieve it. I know that Jorge would be proud that he left a lasting impression in our minds, heart and soul through this "Blog". (Thanks Cristy!)

Well here goes, Love Y'all, especially Jorge... Although your physical being is not hear, I know that you are watching each, and everyone of us everyday... Love Ya Bro...

Love Y'all, Peace
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

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  1. I think that sometimes little kids understand things better than adults. Because they do not complicate things, they see them for what they are. I also know that God would put us through something we could not handle, just like He knew Jorge could handle being sick, He knows that we can handle Jorge leaving us early. Maybe we can do great things in Jorge's honor, like helping with Relay for Life or doing something to further awareness. Dr. Doris always tells our patients that colon cancer is the next most likely disease to kill you after heart disease and breast cancer (for women). Please remember to get your colonoscopies when it is time. And since we have a family history of colon cancer, some of you younger siblings need to get them before you turn 50, and instead of every 10 years, every 5 years. Please talk to you doctors at your next visit and let them know our family history. Okay, I'll stop being a nurse now. :) i love you!