Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am supposed to be working on my Literature Final

but instead I'm on the family blog reading what Mom, Cesar and Amber have written (dont tell Dad!!!).  I'm glad to see everyone is still coming and checking in on the blog.  But more importantly I am glad to see that I started a trend, and everyone is writing about some of their favorite memories with Tio Jorge.  It makes me smile to read these, I feel like I now have new memories of Jorge, pieces of his life that I didn't know of before, but fill in the empty spaces of the parts of him I didn't know.  
This past weekend I spent with Billy's family in Ft. Gaines, Georgia for their family reunion.  Billy's grandmother told me how sad she was to hear about Jorge, and that she prayed for us all.  Her husband died 13 years ago on May 1st, and I felt touched that she also thought of all us in a time that I know is very sad for her.  Billy's cousin also got a card for us that says they are sorry for our loss.  
I was thinking the other day, I have never been very blessed with musical talent, but I used to be a pretty good writer.  Professor Bolton's class has reminded me how much I enjoy to write creatively.  I've decided to begin to write again, it makes me think of Jorge, because I think it is something he would encourage.  So speaking of writing, I'm going to work on this Literature final for Professor Bolton's class, and then relax, because I have a busy week awaiting.

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