Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hola Familia....

We all have so many fond memories of George. I remember our teen years, Friday Nites, letting each other know what parties were happening that weekend, buying George, Joe and Nick beer (they were under age). Coming home after partying all nite and pigging out in the kitchen laughing & trying to keep quiet so dad wouldn't tell us to shut up..... and go to bed..... We all did some crazy stuff.

When George first learned how to play guitar and all the bands he was in. They always attracted a crowd in our basement, heck even my dad would go down and listen to them play. I remember one wedding George was playing at and Christy and I went, (Christy was only 2).... She was dancing up a storm and George was playing to her on the dance floor.

There are so many good memories of George, we can cry, but let it be known that he would prefer us to be happy and remember all the good times we spent with him. He spent his life having so much fun with laughter and music. He may not have had a family, but we were all family to him. He kept in touch with everyone. His last wishes were to live out his remaining life with mom & dad, and that he did.

The memories George gave us will be with us forever, no one could ever take that away. We will all meet up again one day.... God only knows why he took him home, but I feel safe that he is know there for us all.....

Luv Ya.

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