Sunday, April 5, 2009

Response To A Comment

Hola Familiares',

I would like to make a comment to a comment that was left to someone else, about my "So Called, Disrespect", for my brother George! Well, those of you have not seen the picture, well, It was posted on Facebook... This picture was taken when he was first diognosed with this dreadful disease, I did not believe I was being disrespectful, nor was I putting his business on the street... My intention was to open the eye's of our family, for anyone who had not talked with George, well it's not to late... Not to disrespect him, or to do anything, but to let everyone know in what condition he is in, and to keep everyone updated...

The reason I chose the color Red, is because I am a little steamed!... When George was in Michigan, we were told that George was "Incoharent", and could not make mindful decision's... He is making plenty of decision's, and is living his life to the fullest... He cook's, clean's, and work's in the yard... He is where he want's to be, with Mom, and Dad...

George has no wife, no children where he can be with, and spend the last time of his remaining life! George is dieing a slow, and painful death, but he is where he want's to be... George would love to hear from everyone, he can talk, and no, he is not on his death bed!... It's not easy, but try seeing him day in, and day out, then you will see that talking on the phone is easier than being there... If everyone can live with the decision not to talk with him before he passes on, then you are the one who has to live with it...

As far as the comment, well without mentioning anyone's name, We are doing just fine, even if I don't get that person's support!... I don't need anyone's approval!, for the thing's I do for my sibling's! If that person think's that what I'm doing is wrong, or if anyone of y'all think what I am doing is wrong, by posting a picture, THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


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  1. Hello Gang!

    Just wanted to say hello! Sorry it has been a while since I have left a message. We have been very busy with work and kids. Joe and I have been working the MSU games on campus to help keep the students under control. Pretty quiet this year. I absolutely hate MSU anything, but they are good for a little $$$ in my pocket. Getting ready for Easter with the kids. Hope all is well with everyone. Chat with you all soon.