Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello Familia.....

Tagged this picture from Albert. Thought you all would like to see him. He got this blanket from his job shortly after he left. they made it for him.

Today Cesar takes him to the doctor. Going in for another round of Chemo. He is doing great. Has good and bad days, but he is happy.

Hope everyone is doing fine. We are....

Finally getting out of the rainy weather we've been having, but heck, we are getting in some cold air today & next week. (That's not good, Juli leaves for spring break tomorrow with friends to Sea Island in Savannah, GA and the low on Tuesday will be 32 degrees....) The weather has been so bad, that we have not been able to get the pool up and ready. Usually it's ready by spring break, not this year.

Armando & I are going to the Braves Game tomorrow afternoon (exhibition game) against the Detroit Tigers.... ya all wanna come and join us, be here by 11:00 am, game starts at 1:00.... Hope you all have a great weekend.

Luv Ya All

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