Friday, April 24, 2009

George Update

Hola Familiares',

We were told of some sad news yesterday. I spoke with the doctor yesterday, and he said that Georges breathing was labored, and he dropped from 55% breathing on his own, to 35%. He also stated that the lung infection, was a minor situation, compared to the cancer taking over all his organ's. Well George was livelier when all his sibling's were here to see him. Maybe he was trying to tell us something like, I've come, I've experienced, and now I've got to go.

It is very hard to understand why, and Armondo, who called me this morning, put it into perspective. George understood the meaning of family, stay in touch, call, or by e-mail, or go and visit. George would call me every saturday morning, and he had already been doing laundry, and been to the grocery store. Maybe he put family first, because he had no family of his own. Regardless, he put family first, yes he had lots of friend's, and probably had a lot going on, but he was alway's there for "Family".

"Family Value's"

I don't think that you can put a price tag on family. Only because, family is priceless, and to have is to hold, and to never abuse, or let go.

Those who put a price on such a delicate commodity, learn that it not all about the all mighty dollar, but just how they lose in value once the family is gone.

My satisfaction in life, is sharing of oneself, and being there for each other, when they need of you, as you of them.

Some believe that life is, being selfish, and not sharing with other's, and only thinking that he, or she is right, without knowing what they did.

It's the bitter truth which will prevail, we should not judge, nor cast the first stone, if we own a glass home.




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  1. Good Evening~

    I wanted to take a few minutes to write a few things about my memories of George. The first time I met him was at Joey's house in Lansing. He had come over to help us lay carpet. Killian, Tyler and Sophia were also there. Within 5 minutes of meeting Uncle George, the kids had mastered the "disconnecting thumb" trick. I have not yet been able to learn it. To this day, the kids still do it and love showing others. George welcomed my kids and I into his heart and his family right from the start. He was one of the first family members we met. My younger sister was also there and they sat and talked and joked around for hours. She told me later that I had picked a good family. Her opinions I hold very close. Joey and I spent quite of bit of time with George since last summer. Not as much as most of you. I remember on one occassion I stayed at his apartment with him, when he was first diagnosed with cancer, while everyone went to the store. I told my mom later that I sat with him while he as sick. She said, "Amber, how could you sit with him when he was sick? You can barely handle your own kids when they get sick" I'm a sympathy ..... I told her, I don't know, I just did and it didn't bother me.

    Joey and I were in Houston in March and spend time with George. We had a blast We went to dinner with George, Cesar, Susan, Bert, Pat and the boys in Galveston. We also took George to the Toby Keith concert at the rodeo. I am so glad we were able to spend that time with him. We got a great picture of George, Pat, Joey and Manny. As soon as I can download it from my old phone I will send it out to everyone.

    This Wednesday, our department Honor Guard were asked to "stand guard" at The Vicitm's Vigil that was held at The Capital. Three deputies from our department along with members from Eaton County and the Michigan State Police attend the memorial. We were positioned at three of the four hallways leading into the rotunda. The people that were present at the memorial were friends and family members of vicitm's of crimes such as murder and drunk driving. As I was standing at ceremonial rest, which is feet approx. 8" apart, left white gloved hand over right gloved hand, thumbs interlocking, across from trooper from the Michigan State Police, a Piper from the US Customs began piping Amazing Grace, which is my favorite song. My throat felt like it had an apple in it, my mouth dried, instant chills ran down my spine and across my arms. Luckily I was wearing a dress blouse with long sleeves or the goose bumps would have been visible. My eyes began to water. I will have you know that I had to get stitches in my tongue afterward from biting it so hard, in attempts of not crying. I didn't not, for you never cry in uniform. I reluctantly signed up for this event, but now, ahhhh... I am so glad I did. To me this was a memorial for George. Although not a victim of murder or drunk driving, he was the victim of a cruel and evil illness. An illness that does not descriminate against race, sex, religion, age. Cancer is not prejuidice, or, maybe it is...It hates EVERYONE!!!

    I know that your family has been through a terrible time. A time that has been made difficult by others for no reason. I hate to say it, I have seen this before, not with my family, but at work. For some reason, and I'm sure Cesar will agree; death, illness and money will destroy a family. It is so unfortunate to see..heartbreaking as a matter of fact. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. I encourage all of you to stay close. Take care of each other. Treat the loves you love like it is the last time you will ever see them. Hug and kiss your spouse when you leave the house, even if you are upset with them. Kids your kids before you put them on the bus. It maybe the last time you ever see them. Take care of yourself, your health. Get check-ups....yes ladies, I know, they SUCK!! But do it...your health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family.

    In closing...I would like to thank all of you for allowing my kids and I to be a part of your lives and your family. I am truley honored to be a "Hinojosa". Yes, I know, only by name. I am sure there is someone that already said that in their head before they read this sentence. But you know what..that is okay, and I would not give it up for anything or anyone. I carry your family name on my chest, with pride everyday along with my badge. Thank you...

    One last thing...I recently heard a new country song which reminds me of Geroge because of his love for God and some of our conversations. He would always tell me "that's crazy, or people are crazy". I am here to tell you..God is great and people are crazy. This may not remind you in the same way as me...but read the words...and listen for it on the radio.

    I love you all!

    This old man and me, were at the bar and we
    Were having us some beers and swaping i don't cares
    Talking politics, blonde and red-head chicks
    Old dogs and new tricks and habits we aint kicked

    We talked about gods grace and all the hell we raised
    Then i heard the ol' man say;
    God is great, beer is good and people are crazy

    He said "i fought two wars,
    Been married and divorced"
    What brings you to ohio?
    He said "damned if i know"
    We talked an hour or two about every girl we knew
    What all we put them through
    Like two old boys will do

    We pondered life an death
    He light a cigarette
    He said "these damn things will kill me yet;
    But god is great, beer is good and people are crazy"

    Last call it's 2am, i said goodbye to him
    I never talk to him again
    Then one sunny day, i saw the old mans face
    Front page obituary, he was a millionaree
    He left his fortune to some guy he barely knew, his kids were mad as hell
    But me, i'm doing well
    And i drop by today, to just say thanks and pray, i left a six-pack right there on his grave and i said; god is great,
    Beer is good, and people are crazy.

    God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

    God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.