Monday, April 13, 2009


I just got back from walking up to the store. I decided I wanted a new air freshener, vitamin water, and Sprunch spray so I can start wearing my hair curly again.
My next dilemma is: Do I go back up to the beach and hang out? knowing I'd only go at noon and I have practice at 4p. Parking is $1/hr too. Or... Do I just go up to the gym/track and run? I'll be there for practice anyways. I'd still get sun and I dont have to pay for parking.
I think I'll go to the track.

As for Yesterday:
I hope everyone had an awesome Easter!! I got a fun little package from my mom and dad in the mail Saturday. Tho is contained 2 pair of heels that I asked them to ship, the entire thing was Easter-in-a- Box. Just so everyone knows, my mom still fixes me an easter basket every year. She includes bunny grass, reese's egg cups, jelly beans in plastic egg containers, and some sort of small plush bunny. Some ppl quit this tradition, or at least stop giving plush bunnies, but we dont. Every year, I get a bunny... no matter how big or small. I like this tradition. I also recieved a few crazy holiday games and trinkets. I put them in the "Red bag of Doom" b/c well, I have no place else for them or use... haha. I also got an new/old school Care Bear movie (dont even hate on me!! haha) and the cutest pink footie socks too!

I spend part of the day up at the beach. Lots of ppl up there playing vb for the holiday. Oddly enough, there are still spring breakers around. English accents being overheard as waves crashed while I layed out. Ppl asking others, "Are u from around here? where is the best _____ to go to?" Seeing folks walk up to the beach with obsene amounts of crap u dont actually use at the beach. Ppl with souvenier shop shopping bags laid out next to them. Masses of males walking around with their carry-on travel backpacks now stuffed with beach towels, hotel towels and no sunscreen. It was a nice day. I didnt get burnt this time, thank heavens. My ipod died half way in too, but it turned out to be a good thing. Call me 'mellow-hippie cali dude' but it helped me relax. I might have been one with the ocean at some point, .. well... at least 1/2. hahaha... jussttt jokinn...

Devon and I had a massive Chinese Easter Dinner. Even tho I've been legitly trying to be more conscious of what I do put in my body, I threw that out the door last night. We had orange chicken, shrimp fried rice, rice lettuce soup, and I had about 3 crab rangoons/ crab cream cheese wontons (whatever u might call them). Mind u, we didnt finish all of it, but I was sooo full after it settled 2 hours later, that I wanted to cry. I think I did actually, haha. I felt like I was having a baby. Except not thru the birth canal, more like ripping thru the lining of my stomach. (Bad imagery, I know. Thank author Chuck Palahniuk for aiding in my use of descriptive words.)
I'm not going to regret it tho. That dinner was the bomb! haha.

I'm going to clean my room for the umpteenth time. Seriously, I have to clean it after I live in it for just 1 day, b/c I'll lose track of things, or step on something and break it. I have a bad habit of rearranging things too and forgetting the new place where I put it. haha...

Love ya <3 Bieeeee

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