Thursday, April 9, 2009

For lack of anything else to really say...

I'm into this new 'fake' reality show on MTV called, "Taking the Stage." Its about a real creative arts High School in Cincinnati. Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees (christy would know what I'm talking about) went to school there. Its based on 5 kids that attend school there and how their lives are linked, and how they seek stardom.

Anyways, I pretty much can say that I'm bit obsessed with it. I think b/c it reminds me a lot of what life was like at my high school. I mean, I wasnt pretty or popular like the kids in the show. I was only accepted by my peers b/c I was in drumline and played 2 sports, otherwise I was pretty awkward, to say the least. I hung out with other 'not cool kids' unless we were in season. I never got the guy, obviously... haha. BUT, the kids and situations in the show are set up a lot like how 'high school' was played out at my school.

Back to the show:
Without drawing this all out, so far in the show I'm identifying with Mia. She's cute, nice, hangs out with 'not the popular' crowd, does what she wants, works to reach her goals. Turns out Mia doesnt get the guy she's eyeing... Story of my romantic highschool experience, lol.

I told myself a million times, not even for a million dollars would I ever go back to high school, not even in attempts to do it over. Watching this show lets me know, that even tho the grass looked greener on the other side, I'm actually lucky high school turned out the way it did for me. That I wasnt the popular girl being chased. I didnt have to worry about being tied down by a boyfriend, or needing the status. I didnt have to hang out every night. I stayed home and was happy with it.

I think I like this show, b/c it gives me a chance to (vicariously) live high school again, without actually having to do it.

Thats all... a nonsense post... dont even worry about it. lol


  1. Dude, I love nick lachey...and his brother! The other 98degrees guys I didn't care about. LOL. I was so happy when him and jessica Simpson got divorced...that sounds kinda bad. Oh well!

  2. Shes a train wreck...she could never sing live anyways and now ppl understand that now that shes put on pounds.