Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Die walmart die!!

How on earth do they justify only having 2 checkstands open during peak shopping time? I waited in line for 45 minutes reading both OK and In Touch weekly from cover to cover! Seriously! Are the low low prices really worth the wait? Thank god my Guinness did not get too hot too drink once I got home otherwise I would have been really mad.

Another thing I learned about WalMart is that they bully suppliers into lowering their prices for them which in turn makes the supplier raise thier prices for other if you are ever at your neighbourhood drugstore and wonder why on earth the prices are so high you can blame good ole WalMart....I hardly think Sam Walton dreamed that his business would turn out so rotten.

All ranting aside I can proudly say that in my small town where walmart reigns supreme I managed to increase sales by 8.4% in the last fiscal year. Being a customer at WalMart today showed me first hand why it is imperative for me and my team to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible; no lines, friendly staff and advertised product in stock.

Doing the RITE things will guarantee return business!!

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