Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update Down South Familia

Hello Fellow Familiares,

I'm back. Sorry, but we have been real busy down here, Texas way. But, everyone is great, Susan is just as sassy as before. Joshua, well he also is getting taller, and older. Aaron, well that is my " Little Chubasco". For those who need translation, My Little Thunder Storm. Jacob, Well he is growing up so fast. Kailee, my one and only "Precious Angel". And me, Well, I'm still bald, but better looking, and in better shape, or will be, by this time next year.

I have some chores to do, we are having some guest's Friday, so I will catch up this afternoon.

Ok I am back again. It's 9:17 pm, and I have just got settled back from the gym. I feel like 10 miles of bad road, the only problem is, I am not a ten mile road. But, no pain, no gain. So I must have gained a whole lot.

Dad, and Mom are fine. Dad has an appointment next Tuesday, he continously has dizzy spells. At time he really feels as if he is going to fall on his face. Since his pace maker surgery, he gets dizzy spells.

Mom, well she was scheduled to have catarack surgery today, but her family doctor found 2 spots, or balls in her left lung. She has a specialist appointment wednesday. But, all in all she is just fine, and she laugh's, and tells jokes with Dad, and George. (Like the 3 stooges)

Love, Peace, And Country Music,

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