Friday, May 22, 2009

My way of dealing with life,

I have a certain way of protecting myself, from the everyday life of being unable to complete my oneself... I often wake and realize that my life will never be whole again, one who cannot do what one used to do... But it bring's me to a self preservation mode, and turn my thought's into positive thinking, and being a whole person, if nothing else, it is just in my mind... I will never lead on that I cannot do anything, because that is a cop-out, and we all know that a true "Hinojosa" does not let a minor situation bring them down... If anything, it make's me a stronger person, and it give's me strength's that I never thought I would have... I also see how it inspire's some, especially when they see that I do not let this situation control my life, or my future...

We all know what I am talking about, and how it can make some people stop, and appreciate what they have, and realize that their life is not that bad... So, stop to smell the air, each, and everyday, because we can control only part's of our life, but there are some thing's that we have absoulutely no control over... If you wake each day, there is a miracle in itself, so give thank's, then give thank's for what lies ahead for you, and your family... Tell someone you love, "I Love You", you do not know if you will ever tell them that again...
Love Y'all
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

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  1. You know today is the 27th... One month since Jorge passed. I still think of him a few times a day. Say Goodnite to him everynite. I still think about calling him, just like I did everyday. He knows he is missed and loved. I am so looking forward to the 4th of July. We will make it memoriable for Jorge. With God's help, it will all come together, as a family.