Friday, May 29, 2009

A Life That Was Grand
I remember when time's were so grand, and without any worrie's. Time's that we would stay out all hour's of the night, and play hide-n-go seek. Those were the day's. Then again, those were the day's that we were not in front of the television set watching the new's, did I forget to mention that we were too young to realize what the real world was about.
It's funny how we had so much, but had so little to worry about. People have gotten more brazen, and more detailed to not get caught. Crime's have gotten so adanced with the latest technology, that it seems as if crime fighting has become more of a majician's hat trick. Well no matter how you slice it, crime is all in black, and white. You have got a trusting person, and a person with many different dark talent's, and I use the word talent, loosely, take advantage of anyone who is more trusting. I will not ever let anyone take advantage of my family as long as I am living.
I will never forgive Leticias brother for the names that he called Mom, and Dad, nor for some other choice word's that he used to describe me, my wife, and my step-son. God said that all can be forgiven, and I am very into my Lord, but I have never been tried like this before. I can say that, I hope Leticias brother better not catch fire in front of me, because I would just be better off wetting on myself, than putting the fire out. Thats all I got to say about that.
But since I am a person who should be level headed, I choose not to say too many mean thing's, or even hold a grudge, but for someone who should forgive, and forget, well maybe I'm not so perfect.
Love Y'all
Eliud Cesar Hinojosa

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