Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It All Goes Down

This weekend. I have literally packed everything that we don't use on a daily basis. Except for the curtains in the bedroom, because we live down town, it's never dark here. We are very excited about the new apartment. It's smaller than what we have now, but it's a little cheaper, and the property manager is awesome. Our unit is in the shade, so hopefully we can save on energy. I'm very glad mom is going to come up to help.

This week is my only summer break. Next Monday I will embark on a very tough summer school schedule. But it will keep me busy, and all be worth it in the end.

Still no word from the USMC. President Obama has stopped the re-enlistment bonuses as of June 1st. Which is very disappointing, we were really counting on that money. But we will live without it, cuz we don't have a choice. LOL. I just hope Billy gets in before the military cuts affect re-enlistments. We will have been waiting a year in October! Ugh. Oh well, it is out of our hands.

I hope everyone had a great mothers day...even I got told happy mothers day (by the pizza hut guy). Either I look like a mommy, I'm old enough where I should be a mommy or he knows I'm a mommy to the cutest dog and kitten in the world. He probably didn't know that though... :)

Love love love

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