Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm wondering why I buy him toys

He is completely content with sitting in a box full of newspaper.  (he's yawning in this pic, thats why he looks all crazy with his mouth open).  I'm pretty bored.  Billy and I just got back from taking our daily walk at the river.  It is a 3 mile walk from one end to the other.  We have been taking Isabelle lately and she has done really well.  When we walk around our apartment complex she usually stops after 1.5 miles and lays down in the shade.  The walks also help to curb her whining.  Anyone who has met Isa knows that she has an anxiety problem, but the long walk wears her out.  And she will really need to be calm tonight because Mom is coming into town, and she loves my mom and will probably be bouncing off the walls despite our walk.  but not Noah, he is the polar opposite of Isabelle.  He's lazy, calm and impossible to upset.  I have never seen him show aggression towards anything.   They make a perfect pair.  And so here I go, I've done what all pet parents do and gone on and on about my animals.  

So I also have another blog:
You are more than welcome to check it out or follow it or whatever.  It's probably not kid friendly though.  There is a little foul language sometimes and sometimes there are adult topics (politics, some celebrity topics and what not, nothing gross).  But occasionally I manage to be kinda funny.  I post videos and pictures and try to update at least once a day.  

Well anyway, i hope everyone has a good weekend...mine will be filled with moving to the new apartment.  Hopefully it doesnt rain like the weather predicts.

i love college

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  1. Just get them empty boxes and bows.... that's what Harley plays with.