Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I imagined

Cesar would be the first to write about Jorge. Not for any other reason than he writes on here the most. I am sure he is working on something though. So what do I have to say? I'm not sure I have any great insight or philosophy to share. But I have a few memories. I remember two times in particular. At the first family reunion at my parents house I remember sitting outside on the back porch in the middle of the night and Tio Jorge making me sing "Lyin' Eyes" over and over again while he played it on the guitar. Tio Joe and Tio Rolando were there too. I can't believe no one called the cops on us, we were being pretty loud. The other time I remember is when Tio Jorge came to visit my parents, sister, and me in GA when Juli was a baby. I remember Jorge wearing shorts in January, and saying he wasn't cold. LOL. He always made me laugh. My abs would be sore from laughing so much.
I know that I will think of him often, but it will always be happy. I hope that everyone will still come here to this blog and share what is going on with their lives. I do not know how many people actually visit our blog, but I wish the whole family did. I love to see what everyone has to write. It makes me feel close and connected to you guys, like I'm apart of your everyday lives. So I will continue to post a few times a week, and look forward to everyone doing the same.
I know I am sad, I will always miss jorge. But I also know I can't be greedy, he told me he was hurting, and now I know he is not, so I am glad for him in that way.

Love is all you need

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