Monday, April 20, 2009


Hola Famila......

Got back from Houston last nite. It was a short few days, but seemed like forever. Lost track of time.

I was able to see George. It was really scary going down, not knowing what to expect. Seeing him for the first time since February. It was really sad to see how much he has changed in just a couple of months. He was so happy to see me, and all family members that were there. Unfortunately, he was unable to speak, but seeing his eyes, and hand movements was enough for me to see the joy in him.

George is going thru a small set back, but he has the will to survive. Knowing that we are all here for him is the best medicine he could have. We need to pray and keep our hopes up. We all know that one day he will leave us, but not now, or anytime soon.

Unfortunately, while we were in Houston, there was some major drama...... :(

The good thing was that George was not aware of this situation...... :)

Unfortunately, my parents were very upset and scared....... :(

Because of this drama there has been some major changes in our family.I just hope that one day we can all come to terms and become a family again. But there is alot of healing to be done. It will not go away overnite. I ask that we all just pray for George and my parents. And hope to God that we will never have another episode like that again.

Right now our concerns are George and my parents.
Making sure the remainder of their lives there is lots of:
Love, Happiness, Safe Enviroment and Health....

Luv You All....

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