Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anatomy test #3

Is tomorrow. After that, one more test then, the final. If I can get two more A's I'll have an A in the class. On April 16th we have the oppurtunity to listen to a holocaust survivor's story live for my history class. I was very conflicted about this chance. It's not required. But we have recently read Maus, a graphic novel (comic book style) about Aushcwitz. And in my free time I have seen documentaries on Aushcwitz particularly(years ago). These things (even our class discussion on the book Maus) have really bothered me. A range of side effects from dizziness to nightmares. I literally hurt in my chest from what has been done to those people. So I didn't know what to do about listening to the speaker, cuz the thought of hearing of these atrocities in person scares me. (I know it's nuts, I can assist in a surgery but not listen to a story) I'm not sure why, maybe partly cuz I don't want to pass out in front of everyone and look like an idiot, or maybe that hearing and seeing this man, Max Notowitz (who was 14 y/o during the holocaust), will make even it more real to my brain. So, in the end, I have decided to go and hear his story (and not just because if I write a 2 page paper on his story I'll get some extra credit) but, because it won't be too long from now when there aren't any of these people left to listen to. I imagine it is hard to keep reliving that time over and over again, but he does, to teach us, so I should listen, to learn. Some of you may remember my ex boyfriend Mark, his grandfather fought in WWII and was witness to some pretty historical stuff, but before he died he had dementia and could no longer tell us his first hand knowledge. I often wonder what stories he had to tell. He was there when Moussilini was hung by his toes.

Well I feel better now, and I hope to record Mr Notowitz's story. I hope everyone is having a good week. (p.s. Still no re-enlistment news)

Love is all you need,

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  1. Well, I know that being there, and listening to the horrible thing's that they would do is remarkably un-human... But keep in mind, that what you here is only 10% of what all happened... It is a shameful act of mankind, but it happens, even to this day... Just keep it on the proffesional level, it's hard, but it is part of your job...(Schooling) Love ya...