Sunday, March 15, 2009

School starts back tomorrow

And I'm ready for this semester to be over! So far I'm doing well, but I'm pushing for all A's and I have a B in anatomy, but I have four more tests to pull that up. (I am watching House, I love this show!)
Billy and I are apartment shopping, our lease is up in June, and we can't wait to leave this place! The management here is horrible! We are hoping to get a place closer to Cordova. We found out Friday that the Nashville recruiting station has found billys reenlistment papers. LOL, we didn't know they were missing! Oh well hopefully we will really hear back soon now. All billy has to do is run another PFT for the recruiters this week, but I'm sure he will do well.
I have a busy week coming up, but I will keep in touch and let you guys know what is up with the apartment and reenlistment as soon as I know. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed their vacations!


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