Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of these nights- Eagles

I'm learning that I keep quiet when I'm scared. Scared of what to do, what to say, or for fear of saying it.
Each day it becomes harder for me to accept what is happening to my uncle and I've been afraid of speaking about it for some time. Growing up, he and I were very close. Late night guitar sessions with Dad, Nick, Dave... the jokes, him teaching me how to draw, how to fold paper towels into roses, his endless pursuit to get me to sing along with them. Its strange to see comedians on tv telling his jokes, using his smirk... the same gleam in their eyes after the punchline. Its hard enough knowing I cant be with my mom and dad, but it harder knowing I cant be with him these last moments he's on earth. All I want is one last joke, one last giggle, one last picture drawn, one last strum of his guitar so I know that he is happy.
I know we all are taking this pretty hard, but I havent yet been able to deal with it. I drove my dad to the clinic everyday, but couldn't bring myself to go inside. When finally I did, it was surreal. I just wanted him back.
Please, just tell him, if he has the strength to remember, that I miss him. I love him. Tell him of the memories I'm fond of. And maybe his spirits will let him live a little stronger tomorrow.

thank you.

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  1. Hey Girl...
    George is the same person he has always been. He laughs, smiles, jokes, unfortunately he can't play the guitar like he used to. He looks a little different, but he looks so much better than when he did in Michigan. It was hard for all of us to accept this. It hurts us all. He remembers the past like it was yesterday. He knows we all love him. George right now is happy, just wants peace in his life. He has good days and bad days. He knows his life is short, but he is happy and safe where he is at.

    Call him, he will so happy to hear from you, once you make that first call, the rest will come easy. Don't let time pass you by, you will regret the rest of your life not speaking or saying anything to him. You don't have to tell him everything, just start by saying hello....
    the rest will come easy.

    Joey and Amber seen him recently, he is really so much better in Houston. Talk to Christy, she's talked to him numerous times, she can help you out. Here is his Cell #: 832-451-5904
    Parents Home #: 281-238-9190

    Hey remember we are here for you too... Luv Ya