Wednesday, March 18, 2009

murder in covington

Today we found out that one of our customers was murdered by her daughter....apparently she had been dead for 9 days before neighbours began to worry about her. Her daughter was another one of our customers who had mental problems....she always sent her in with a pre-written check for 30 bucks to get whatever she wanted. She came in Sunday asking for change for cigarettes and we thought it was kind of strange that she was asking for money since her mom always gave her a 3o dollar check. She came in again on monday and asked me if she could owe me for a pack of smokes and I told her no. The two days she came in the store she did not act any differently other than asking for money so its sad to think ms. almeda was dead in her house the whole really put a damper on the day let me tell ya.


  1. Sounds Bizzare, you said she was mental, but she ever show an aggressive side?

  2. Wow.... Wierd, sounds like something that happened here not to long ago, but this lady went to the store bought gasoline and poured on her mother and set her on fire, and went on like nothing happened....