Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday = off day!!!

I can't remember the last time i had a whole day off! I think its been a few weeks actually...I really don't like to be off to be honest; I don't trust anyone else to run my store as well as I do and I always seem to have to clean up their mess when I come back, but I digress....

Tomorrow is my little girls birthday!!! She is going to be 2 years old, it's really hard to believe I have had her that long; she is the by product of a broken home...I am just glad Kiley left her with me because if it wasn't for her I'd probably still be a miserable sack (expletive deleted)

I started work on my masters degree on Saturday of last week...I think it is going to be a lot of fun. I have always been the type that loves being in school and doing research and writing papers; I am a total nerd. I remember during my undergrad years I would get so excited when my instructors would pass out our material for research projects and I wouldn't waste anytime getting it started. Anyway, it has been kind of hard getting back in the groove of school considering I work 14 hours a day, but I've been coming home from work and staying up till midnight doing a little at a time, just kinda sucks that there is a lot more deadlines than I am used to. However, hopefully (as long as history does not repeat itself) I will be working about 35 hours less than I have been and I will be able to put a lot more time into my grad work.

Work has been rather stressful lately, Rite Aid is trying their best to show the naysayers that they were able to meet their fiscal forecast and by doing so we have been threatened with our LIVES to cut all unnecessary expenses out. Payroll is mostly where I am feeling the hurt...my whole district had to cut down to the bare minimum...just last week I was forced to cut 35 hours off of my schedule and for the rest of fiscal '09 it's just getting worse. I hired a new guy a few weeks ago and after next week I probably won't be able to work him any until the new fiscal year begins and that make me feel real bad considering I promised him at least 15 hours a week. Enough shop talk, I am sorry, BUT IT'S ALL I KNOW!!!

So how am I going to spend my off day? Well I will probably get up around 9 or 10 and play with my little suzanne and then lie around and catch up on DVR'ed programs and then finish writing my essay that I attempted to do tonight but FAILED and then I will clean up a little (it is amazing how trashed your house can get when you are simply just coming and going) I have plans to meet up with my friend Jiame sometime later in the afternoon so I am hoping to get an hour to an hour and a half work out at the gym before we hang out. I surmise I have bored everyone to death with my ranting and raving, but little known fact: blogging is a stress reducer. True story...

all my love,


  1. No... Your not boring, had me going there for awhile, thought you had a child, Happy B-Day to your little girl. Enjoy your time off.

    Luv Ya.

  2. She acts like child; spoiled and rotten!

  3. I've heard that about the stress reliever thing too. I can't believe Noah just turned 1 and isabelle is 6!