Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey Guys....

Love reading what everone has to say....
Makes my life so boring....

George will be in town next week. Going to spend a few days with us.
Looking forward to having him up here. Last time he was here we both
sat on couch sicker than dogs.... Looking forward to seeing him again.

Boy is it cold outside. It was high 31 with a wind chill factor of 19....
Kristina... make room for me, I'll be there shortly.

Talked to an old friend (back in elementary school thru High School) she
found me on facebook. Her name is Patty (Trish) Gallimore. God, she took me
by surprise. It sure was fun talking to her. That is the one thing that I do
regret when I left Michigan, not staying in touch with friends.

Makes you wonder what happened to some, if they even remember you.
I was looking thru my year book, boy how the times have changed. Juli
was laughing at our photos, the glasses, hair, she said some of the girls
actually looked like guys..... But we thought we were the sh_ _!!!!

Any how.... gotta go, feel like some ice cream (like I need it) :)
Luv Ya Lettie

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