Thursday, January 8, 2009

U. Memphis winter break is awesone!

Except for the fact that it might be a little too long. I'm itching to get out of this apartment! I'm so bored I'm lurking on facebook too much, I have to make myself stop. LOL. Billy is still waiting to hear the status of his re-enlistment, which is kinda frusterating. But everyone says there are a lot of people re-enlisting that's why it's taking so long. Oh well nothing we can do but wait. I made homemade tortilla chips this morning to go with tortilla soup for dinner. Oh well, I think I'm going to the mall to return a shirt I bought yesterday.
ps-I have the page set up to only show 5 posts at a time, if you wanna see posts from before then go to archives in the top left hand corner.

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  1. too long??? Hell no! That was the greatest thing about UofM the practically month long break between fall and spring!

    oh! and I want some chicken tortilla soup! It's my fave! That was the first thing I made with the crockpot I got from ya'll