Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here I sit, me and my cartoons...

Uh, I dont have much to update about other than the fact that I sit online for hours at a time, doing nothing... I just browse around, aimlessly... while listening to cartoons in the background. Its pretty lame, I know. I got up this morning, did some tanning, and ate lunch. I live about a mile away from the beach, but buildings hinder my capturing the beauty of the city I live in.
Here is all I can provide u with. Enjoy :)
More to come... <3

(A look North East)


  1. The beach.... wow how nice, I've always wanted to live by the beach.... One day....

  2. 1 mile from the blue liquid of enjoyment, now that is cool. Maybe when I win the lottery, I can come visit.

    Love ya,