Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm sure if you see my status on facebook it usually says i'm studying.  but its true. its all i do. the honors classes are little more involved, but not harder.  they just require more study time. i'm still confident that it will be worth it, especially if i wanna get into grad school (Robbie has inspired me). i'm kind of disappointed because i posted a blog from my phone earlier this week and its not showing up. oh well.  i'm really looking forward to spring break! 
so dont feel like you are bothering me on facebook if my status says studying, i always welcome a break.

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it will have been 3 years on valentines day since Mark died....i blame that for my blah mood lately (like the last 3 years, haha), sorry everyone.  
On a light note, its supposed to snow tomorrow, and that always makes me happy.  it reminds me of the day Billy and I picked up Noah and brought him home.  I do have some good news, Billy is on his way to the recruiting office to sign some extra paperwork and then he's going to MEPS on thursday to retake his height and weight.  Though that may sound annoying since he already did all that....we are excited because it means they didnt forget about him! so hopefully the next phone call will be from SSgt. Limpert telling him to go swear in.  I hope everyone is doing awesome. enjoy the video.


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  1. Wierd you should mention Mark, he's been on my mind too.... Valentine's Day is a day that will never go by that I will not think of him. I am sure he is smiling and looking down at everyone.

    Liked the video.....