Monday, January 26, 2009

Completion of Appointment....

Hey Y'all,
We went to the first Kemo Appointment today... George did very well, the whole thing lasted about an hour, and forty five minutes.... He goes back to see the Oncologist next Wednesday, to do a follow up on his blood work......All in all he has been in a very good mood, very energetic, very straight forward. He knows that his status as a walking, talking human, living being on this earth, IS LIMITED! But he lives as if theres a future past tomorrow. We all know that it is inevitable, but we can't let him believe that we know it.......

Please, Please, call him at least once a week...(517)614-4994 cell, or (281)238-9190 home....

My thought for the day....

We know how strong we are.
We know what we can accomplish.
We know how we feel, and how we want to feel.
We can pretty much control most anything that we want.
So with that in mind,
Are we strong enough to accomplish how to feel, and control whats in our mind?

Let someone you know, how much they mean, and how much you care about them today, and everyday!
Love Y'all, Peace

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