Monday, January 19, 2009

I wish I could send bits of my sunshine to all of u!

So... this is one of the many rewarding reasons I moved here. As all of u are updating about the cold fronts, etc...If I were still in MI, I'd be complaining 1000 times worse than any of u could dish out. I despise the cold. I dont think any of u would be able to understand. Anyways... Lettie is correct in saying that its warm here in CA. I'll confess: for the past 2 weeks I've been laying out on the beach, watching my roommate scrimmage some players, getting ready for the AVP season to start. Its been 85 and sunny. Today is about 75 and sunny. I can say I've already gotten on heck of a tan. I would be out running, but todays a holiday :) haha...more like I'm being lazy... I figure I'll get out tomorrow before the Inauguration.
I miss my daddy an awful lot :(... and my momma is lost without me... I really hope that I can get my parents out here soon. With my schedule, I dont see me traveling anywhere for awhile, unless its work :( My friend Katie and I have been looking at flights for her to come out during her spring break. I'm pretty excited for her to come out.
Work is good. I keep busy with it. Its a really nice check at the end of every month. We have one heck of a season coming up tho. My 16's have a tourny this weekend I'm excited about. Should be good... Fun at least.

As I conclude, I'd like to say:
Cesar: Tell Jorgie I love him!! Dad keeps me updated. He's having a hard time, as is everyone. I regret not being there for him when he really needs me. I hope I'll get a window to come out. Unfortunately again this year, I wont be able to make the rodeo to see everyone.
I'd like to send Jorge some stuff in the future here soon. To whom would be the best place to send it?

Hope everyone has a great day!
xoxoxox <3

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  1. Hey..... Jealous I am, but enjoy. If u send Jorgie anything, send it to my parents at:

    5739 Wandering Creek Drive
    Richmond, TX 77469

    Luv Ya.