Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold much?!

It was 11degrees when I left for school, but don't worry it warmed up to 21. Class went well, it was nice to see my friends and get back into a routine instead sitting around all day. My first class was my honors history class and my second was good old anatomy, my favorite. The history class is very intimidating. There are no tests. All our grade is based on class discussion. The cool thing is there are only 13 ppl in the class and we get these big cushy leather arm chairs. Tomorrow is my last class which is an honors literature class. Hopefully it won't be as intimidating as history. I find myself wondering why I even applied for university honors. I'll revisit that question at the end of the semester. Spring break is the week of march 9th. I think I'll be going to Houston for that.

Still no word from the Marine Corps. :(

Stay warm! Love!

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