Monday, January 12, 2009

I can see now!

And it's amazing. I have horrible eye sight, its so bad that I can't function without glasses or contacts. But in addition to that my eyes have been getting blurry for no reason, then the next day I can see clear. It's weird. I went to the eye doctor today and he doesn't think it's serious. But he did give me a new Rx, and now I can see. It's wonderful! Class starts on Thursday, I'm pretty excited about it. But I need to go buy books. My mom wants to go to H town in march for the rodeo. I have never been to the rodeo so hopefully I can make it too. I'm not sure when my spring break is, but I'll find out on Thursday. Well I'll update later on after class starts.

Love love love

(ps- let me know if anyone knows of anyone having trouble getting signed up. And a reminder the blog has to be pg13 cuz of ppl's jobs and the, no one did anything wrong LOL)

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