Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Georges Oncologist Appt.

Hi All,

George went to his Oncologist ( Cancer Doctor), Appointment yesterday. The Doctor was a very thorough, and straight forth. His name is William Velasquez, and he stated that he was still waiting on medical files from the Breslin Cancer Center, where George under went treament in Lansing.

Dr. Velasquez went on to tell us that someone who has stage 4 Colon Cancer usually only gets treatment to prolong life, but not to cure it. He also stated that in his initial evaluation, George has an enlarged liver, and that he could feel several lumps, or masses in the stomach, lung, and liver ares.

Dr. Velasquez stated that he read the results from Georges Cat-Scan he had at Northeast Medical in Humble, and that it stated there were abrasions in the Lungs, Liver, and the Stomach area. He stated that could make life for George at minimum, somewhat pain free.

George was very comfortable with that answer, in which he stated that no Doctor had ever been so straight forward, and thorough. George felt good knowing he had a Doctor close to Mom, and Dads.

Although, the Doctor advised George that he had the option of having Hospis, come to him every week, or he could continue coming to his office once a week. George decided to go in for now, and he would talk about home care later.

I know, as we all do!, that it is inevidable, but George, for the most part is very happy, and can make decisions on his own. I know that he has not much of a future left, but he is starting to draw, and do things for himself. We need to, as a family, let him know that we are him for him through thick and thin.

Love Y'all


  1. I think it means a lot when you can trust your doctor. He sounds like he is very interested in what Jorge wants, that is very good.

  2. Outside of whats been going on, I believe that its very important that Jorge is happy and comfortable. I also believe that its important for us to go beyond ourselves and support his wishes, no matter if we agree or not. I'm beyond happy to hear that Jorge is happy and is able to be closer to grandma and grandpa, not to mention having loving support, having more of his brothers and sisters surrounding him.
    I'm glad you wrote up an update for us to read. I'm sad that the reports weren't what I had hoped, but I'm happy he was straight forward.

    Tell Jorgie his niece loves him and misses him. Tell him I'd love to receive a fun drawing from him :) I miss them....