Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here it Goes

hello everyone.  i hope everybody got logged in okay and didnt have any problems. dont forget to go to settings and make your profile, you can input all sorts of information about yourself and follow other blogs on this site.  you can even add a profile picture.  

I set this up for my mom...she thought that this would be a good idea for everyone to have a common place to look for family information.  since i have added everyone (everyone i have email addys for) as authors for this blog that means that any of us can write a post for everyone to see or upload pictures.  but since this is a public blog (and since some of the authors are minors) it is important that we refrain from adult content (ie. cussing). it would be awesome (and convenient) if we could keep this going.  

i set the blog up as public so that no one has to log in to view the blog...however if you want to create a post you must log in.  the web address to our blog is: 
i am the administrator of our blog, so if anyone is having any problems please email me at:  or if you have yahoo! messenger you can send me an IM (christyisabrat), or on AIM (christyisajerk) if i'm online.  if anyone else uses IM please let me know what your IM name is and what service you have and i can make a list for everyone.  well that is all for now....i hope everyone had a great christmas and new year!

p.s. if you have any email addresses for any family members that you think i dont have please send them to me...thank you!


  1. Cute pic of Isabel.... She still sits like a cat..

  2. Well I think it worked, and thanks for doing this.