Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey Guys...

Back to work for 1 day. Joe and I were off TOGETHER for 4 days...IN A ROW!! Can you believe tha? With NO kids. Wow!! We worked around the house and put up a new gazebo. Our old one blew down while we were in Atlanta. We also installed a water fountain, outdoor lighting, and a bad ass solar bug zapper....It pretty much rocks!!! So I had to come back to work for one day and then I am off tomorrow, which is Joe's birthday. I bought him an Eastman Crossbow. Don't worry he never reads this so it won't ruin the surprise. I am getting it thru a guy I work with for a pretty good price. I looked it up on line today, and well, I am keeping it for myself and I will buy him one for Christmas. Just joking!! It is pretty awesome though. This year I am going to buy a pink digital rifle. FYI: Deer don't see colors, just dark and light. If I kill a deer before Joe with a pink gun he will....well let's just say he will pack his stuff and move back to Iraq. In September I have planned a 5 day getaway to the northern country. This is a surprise also. He has never been to The Island, Pictured Rocks, etc. Who lives in Michigan and never sees this stuff? So I am taking him. Maybe I will bring MY new crossbow with me...HAHA!!

Well, I hope all is going well for everyone. I pray everyone is safe, healthy, happy and living the All American Dream!!! Have a great day and upcoming weekend.

Remember, there is hope in 3 1/2 years....Gingrich, Palin, Huckabee, Romney...Anyone is better than...Hopefully Ted Nugent will run for Governor in Michigan..

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