Sunday, March 22, 2009

I want Smores

Billy and I went to Home Depot to price lavadoras y secadoras today, and we saw this fire pit thing. It's so cool, and it's only $45, but it's pretty big, low to the ground, about 2 ft in diameter and about 8inches deep. It has a mesh top and it is begging for me to buy it and roast marshmallows! But I'll have to save my money.
We have found a new apartment and should be moving in May. The website is in case anyone wants to check it out. It's very cute, and a little bit closer to the suburbs.
We had a great weekend, Tio JR, holly, Bruce, and Robbie came to Memphis and hung out. It was lots of fun! We ate at Rendevouz and then hung out on Beale. I have heard tons of stuff about Rendevouz from my friends in GA, and I'm very glad I finally got to was delicous! I wanna take my parents there when they come visit in May.
No news yet on the re-enlistment. Billy's PFT went well on Thursday, buy he's gonna try and beef it up to make his re-enlistment paperwork look good, so he's gonna do 2 more PFT's this week. I made a 98% on my anatomy test, which is awesome...I just need to keep it up and make A's on the next 3 tests. I have a presentation for history on the 31st and I'm really nervous about it. I will start getting it ready this week. I hope everyone has a good week.


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  1. Try it with oatmeal cookies, not good on the waist, but good in the stomach...