Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No rain boots

Amazon said my rain boots were supposed to show up yesterday, but they did not. (UPS slackers!!!) which kinda sucks cuz it's raining, and walking around campus blows when it's raining. Oh well, I'll live. So far my grades coming back on papers have been A's, I haven't had my first anatomy test yet though. I am trying to grow my hair out for Neldas wedding in May, but I am definately at the point of wanting to cut it. Billy and I bought him a new phone. While we were at the AT&T store we learned the guy who was helping us was from ATL! It is awesome to run into someone from your town. Then the other guy working at the register next to us, recognized Billy as a fellow Marine. So it was a good experience. It's funny how they always find each other. When we were in ATL for Xmas the kid working at American Eagle was getting ready to head off to Parris Island for boot camp, he gave us a discount just because billy is a Marine...we are appreciating things like that now, cuz we know it won't last forever. I hope everyone is having a good week.



  1. Well we are doing fine... I did'nt know there was people from "THE HOOD"... in Memphis... haha Now you know how cops can find each other if they attend the same party, it's weird, but it happens to me even today...
    Love Ya

  2. Trust me, Memphis is the HOOD moreso than ATL.

  3. ^ exactly why I moved away from that garbage heap!