Saturday, February 21, 2009

I had an amazing day...

from which I just woke from an amazing nap...

I've been MIA thus far, so I figured I'd update a tad.
Before I go on: That Dune I posted about just below. Wellll... a day later, my Pro AVP friend/ amazing girl I coach with, asked me to go up there with her to train. There are 6 or 7 large cones placed equidistant from each other going up about 2/3 of the Dune. We ran a 'ladder' up them... and it busted my a**! The best work out in the world, P.s....

Anyways... Today my 16's team had another qualifier tournament. We split 2 games and won the last one. It was an awesome performance of sportsmanship on our behalf, b/c of the crappy calls from the dunce down ref.. who just happened to be a coach from a team we pummeled in a game earlier and decided she'd call ridiculous calls and laugh in our face. Which she did. She'd make a stupid, bad call, look at us, and laugh snidley... If that didnt get my goat... Ultimately, we played over the bad calls and came out on top. It was a good day. My 14's are in San Diego with my assistant coach. No word on how they've done yet.

Overall: I work, eat, and sleep. I workout on the beach everyday, b/c everybody in this city wants to be #1 and I cant be lagging behind, lol :) I'm continuously blessed with having networked with the right ppl. I get opportunities to be doing things with ppl I never would've believed. I really want my parents to come out and enjoy the west coast. They're definitely overdue on a vacation... and I could definitely use a home cooked meal from my mother.. hahah.

All is well... One day at a time.

Love everyone! <3 xoxox

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